Intellectual property rights involve a broad spectrum of complex legal issues and business considerations. There is too much at stake to choose a course of action and hope for the best. You need to identify and manage potential risks and problems before they arise to protect your ideas and inventions. KLS provides thorough, clearly-reasoned IP opinion letters to clients in various industries, from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.


One of the more basic needs we meet for our clients involves providing opinions on whether or not an idea or invention can be patented. This guidance can be used to determine whether you should invest in further research and development or whether you should consider other options. We can also guide you in what direction to make your idea patentable and identify potential risks.

Freedom to Operate

Whether they are about to enter a round of financing, entering a new market that is extraordinarily competitive, or need to assess their potential IP risks, we provide our clients with candid advice about whether they can or should proceed. You can rely on us for thorough, knowledgeable advice at whatever point you are in the IP process.

Patent Infringement

We also represent clients who have questions about other patents and what they must do to protect their intellectual property. We can identify both potential and actual infringements and lay out the steps you can take to protect your interests.

Patent Validity

If you are considering licensing or selling a patent or are facing litigation, we can provide an opinion on patent validity to protect your investment.

Providing Experienced Counsel to a Range of Industries

Each of our attorneys has at least a decade of experience assisting clients in a variety of industries, including the following:

  • Computer science and information technology
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Electrical engineering
  • Medical and biotechnology
  • Chemical and material sciences
  • Communication networks
  • Autonomous vehicles

Whatever industry you are in, whether you are a startup or an established multinational organization, our attorneys can provide you with the guidance you need to pursue your goals confidently.

A Global Perspective

KLS works with clients who operate both here and abroad. As a result, we are positioned to provide opinions to clients concerning their intellectual property options and rights in both domestic and foreign markets. In both a figurative and literal sense, KLS provides opinions to our clients with a global perspective.

Get in Touch to Discuss Your Intellectual Property Needs

Your intellectual property deserves careful consideration. Whether it is a single patent or you have extensive IP holdings, we provide seasoned counsel tailored to your unique needs. To discuss your ideas and what you want to achieve, contact us today via phone or email to schedule a consultation.