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Our clients range from startups to established Fortune 50 companies. One thing they all have in common is that they are looking to bring something new and exciting to the marketplace. To accomplish this, they need to be able to protect the time and effort they have invested in the creation of these new ideas. Working with businesses around the globe, we provide the intellectual property services that our clients depend on to stay ahead in today’s highly competitive marketplace.

More important than what we do and who we represent, however, is how we do what we do. We have modeled our firm to seamlessly integrate with your in-house and existing legal team. Light-touch yet top-quality, we handle your intellectual property needs in the background without disrupting your daily business operations. Our model provides tremendous flexibility in delivering our services and allows us to cost-effectively provide excellent representation. We can help you simplify the patent portfolio development process.

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A Law Firm Dedicated to Breaking New Ground

We tailor our legal services to meet your unique needs—we step into your daily operations, working behind the scenes and providing precisely the services you need without the bloat that comes with other law firms. Your mission is our mission, and we can scale our services to achieve that mission efficiently and at a reasonable price.

We don’t dabble in intellectual property or use it as an “add-on service” to attract other businesses. Intellectual property is all that we do. We help our clients with every step of the patent process, from conception to filing, prosecution, and issuance.

We have represented small startups global corporations and every size of business in between. Each business has different needs, different goals, and different resources. This gives us a depth of experience that we bring to bear in every matter we handle. All of our attorneys have a minimum of a decade of experience in patent preparation and prosecution. Let our team’s experience be the springboard for your team’s success.

We don’t just make the process painless; we strive to make it enjoyable. We deliver the services you need while staying out of the way. And with a “no surprises” billing model, you can feel confident that you will get the desired results at a reasonable price point.