Mr. Kitts has been a Patent Agent with KLS since 2019 with a focus on the preparation and prosecution of patents.  Mr. Kitts pursued a career in intellectual property law because of his interest in research and technical writing, along with the desire to always be learning.

Before joining KLS, Mr. Kitts worked as a quality engineer for a thin film optics company, where he oversaw the company’s manufacturing and engineering processes.  During undergrad, Mr. Kitts worked as a nuclear physics research assistant at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, where he was heavily involved in the fabrication and testing of multiple particle detectors.


Mr. Kitts is married and adopted their daughter at birth in 2022.  Mr. Kitts enjoys spending time with family, traveling, kayaking, mountain biking, woodworking, and many other hobbies.

  • The Asymmetry of Antimatter in the Proton, Nature, 2021

  • Design and Construction of the Beam Intensity Monitors for SeaQuest, Conference Experience for Undergraduates, Department of Nuclear Physics (‘DNP’), 2012
  • Monitoring the Beam Intensity for SeaQuest, Society of Physics Students, 2012
  • Signal-width Analysis of the E-906/SeaQuest Hodoscope Data, Conference Experience for Undergraduates, DNP, 2013
  • SeaQuest / E906 Shift Alarm System, Conference Experience for Undergraduates, DNP, 2014